Treatment For Mastitis With Two Homeopathic Medicines

The natural treatment for mastitis can be so easy and so effective when you are dealing with homeopathic medicines.

Mastitis is the inflammation of the breasts when nursing. It is usually very painful and makes nursing almost impossible. Treatment for mastitis is normally with antibiotics, but this will be transferred to the baby. 

Homeopathy is a natural health modality that works by raising your immune system, so supporting what your body is trying so hard to do – cure you. You can get the best guidance of mastitis in cows treatment via

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There are several common homeopathic medicines for the best treatment for mastitis and each one depends on the symptoms of the sufferer. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see a clear picture of symptoms and in these cases, seeing a professional homeopath is probably the best way for rapid relief.

However, it is also possible to help yourself with some common home prescribing medicines.

Silica is one of the common home prescribing medicines which can resolve mastitis completely, provided your symptoms match at least some of Silica's strong keynote symptoms. These include:

  • mastitis with sharp pains
  • nipples sore, they ulcerate easily
  • retracted nipples, making nursing impossible
  • lack of milk, insufficient milk
  • hard lumps, lumpy breasts
  • breast cysts, fibrocystic breasts
  • lack of vital heat, worse for cold conditions
  • history of recurring infections
  • weakness and fatigue

Another, perhaps more common medicine for mastitis is Belladonna. The symptoms of Belladonna (and so your symptoms) are very different and include:

  • mastitis with throbbing pain, heat, and redness
  • mastitis with streaks radiating away from the nipple
  • breasts feel heavy, hot and hard