Why Staying in a Hostel is a Better Experience Compared to Hotel?


Hostels are now the very best thing when it comes to comfortable and safe accommodation when compared to hotels. One of the key reasons behind this is the fact that hostels offer better and cheaper option to travelers and students coming from all over the region. Moreover, there are a lot of fun activities you can do in a hostel such as party nights, drinking games, watching movies, etc. which cannot be experienced even while staying in a fancy hotels. These are some of the reasons that makes hostels a better option than hotels when it comes to staying.

  1. It is way Cheaper – As mentioned earlier, hostels allow you to save some bucks. The saved money can then be spent in doing other activities or simply go out for shopping.
  2. It offers a Cozier Experience –Similar to staying at home, hostels offer the same experience. Even if you wish to get more information, then you can simply speak to a local hostel staff. And while exploring new places, you can also the locals to provide you information based on malls, pubs, bars etc.
  3. It Offers Better Nightlife Experience – Since travelers from all over the world come to stay in hostels, it gives you the opportunity to meet and make friends with them. After the sunset, you can also have a great time with the fellow travelers by drinking at the bars or play a few games.
  4. It Offer an Opportunity to Gel with the Crowd – If you’re a youngster, then you will be glad to meet travelers who may be of your same age.

These are some of the things you can experience while staying in some of the very best hostels in Thailand.