August 2, 2020

Blackstone and TPG vehicles renegotiate debt after Covid upheaval

Blackstone and TPG have agreed to make hundreds of millions of dollars of unscheduled repayments on loans funding their real estate investment trusts, in exchange for promises that their lenders will not take punitive action as the property market sours.

The private equity firms moved to renegotiate terms with their banks and other lenders as they brace themselves for a fall in property prices in the upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Reits — which are managed by the private equity firms and listed on the stock market — make money by borrowing from banks and lending the cash at higher interest rates to hotel operators, apartment block developers and other owners of commercial property.

But with many offices remaining empty, and those businesses that can reopen having to adjust to social distancing rules, the consequences are rippling through the real estate sector, creating uncertainty about the prospects for buildings regarded as trophy assets only a few months ago.

Blackstone Mortgage Trust has made unplanned repayments of $200m and pledged an extra $414m of collateral to its banks, according to a regulatory filing last week. TPG’s Real Estate Finance Trust handed over $160m.

In exchange, the Reits secured commitments

Hospitals tracking Covid-19 with badge sensors, SwipeSense technology

SwipeSense uses sensors in badges to track the coronavirus


Around 50 hospitals today use a technology from a company called SwipeSense to monitor whether medical staff are washing their hands when they enter and exit patient rooms. Others use it to track expensive assets, like wheelchairs or IV pumps, which have a tendency to go missing. 

The system leverages sensors embedded into equipment and location beacons in hospital rooms, which connect to an online dashboard. Administrators can access the dashboard to check in, or receive reports. 

Because of privacy concerns, SwipeSense has steered clear of monitoring people’s movements. That is, until Covid-19. 

When hospitals started reporting that their staff had contracted the virus, SwipeSense’s chief executive Mert Iseri figured he could help. The situation was particularly problematic when hospitals lacked sufficient personal protective equipment. Reports have found that at least 879 doctors, nurses and other medical personnel have now died of the virus. 

So Iseri had the idea of adding sensors to staff badges, which they routinely wear on shifts. From there, the company could create a virtual floor map of sorts to track their movements, including to document potential exposure to Covid-19 inside the hospital. 

The idea was

The Washington Monument, A Tribute To Lucifer

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