August 16, 2020

Russia says it is ready to provide Belarus with military support

Russia said it was prepared to provide security support to Alexander Lukashenko, as tens of thousands of opponents of the Belarusian strongman took to the streets for an eighth day, calling for him to step down.

The Kremlin said President Vladimir Putin had spoken to his Belarusian counterpart taking into account “pressure exerted on [Belarus] from the outside”, and had offered to provide assistance “if necessary” through a collective security pact of former Soviet states.

The Kremlin’s backing came as Mr Lukashenko delivered a defiant speech to a rally of his supporters in the Belarusian capital Minsk, in which he accused Nato of massing on the country’s western border, and insisted that he would not rerun last week’s presidential election.

“If someone wants to give away the country, even when I am dead, I will not allow it,” he said, according to the state-run news agency, Belta. “Remember: I have never betrayed you and I never will betray you.”

However, Mr Lukashenko’s rally was overshadowed by a huge opposition gathering around the Stela second world war monument in Minsk, where thousands of protesters rallied chanting “Leave! Leave!”, amid a cacophony of blaring car horns.

The eastern European nation has endured

The next stimulus should be spent on job training and rebuilding a better American economy

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is reflected in the sneeze guard set up between himself and members of the House Committee on Financial Services hearing on Oversight of the Treasury Department and Fed Reserve Pandemic response on June 30, 2020 in Washington, DC.

Bill O’Leary-Pool | Getty Images

Government spending from the Treasury Department and Congress along with stimulative bond purchases from the Federal Reserve are at unprecedented levels.  

Deficit spending for the U.S. is over $3 trillion so far this year.  While the costs are clear, the benefits are less so. Financial relief for millions of Americans furloughed or unemployed has been a humanitarian godsend​.  

Some argue that it was too much, and it may have been for some, but at moments of crisis, ​moments of necessity, more is better than not enough. The relief provided by the initial $1,200 checks and the ongoing supplemental unemployment insurance was the difference between being able to endure lockdown and going hungry for many of our fellow Americans. 

Yet, as the government spends, debt is accumulating. The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has increased by about $3 trillion this year, and the Fed is encouraging Congress to provide greater stimulus.  Many are beginning to

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