November 8, 2020

Joe Biden can get plenty done, even if Congress is divided

If there is one thing Donald Trump excelled at as US president, it was finding ways to get things done without needing to gain approval from a Democratically-controlled House of Representatives.

Once confirmed and in office, President-elect Joe Biden will face a similar problem. The Senate looks likely to remain in Republican hands. After yet another contentious and close election, the country is deeply divided. Still, being president holds many privileges. If Mr Biden can leverage them, he’ll be able to achieve significant parts of his agenda, even without Democratic control of Congress.

First, he has the power of the federal government at his disposal. Mr Trump found all sorts of ways to govern by executive order; Mr Biden can do the same. He has already announced plans to name his own task force to deal with the coronavirus pandemic on Monday and is likely to rejoin the Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization, and to repeal travel bans from some Muslim-majority countries.

He could start to clean up human rights violations that have become part of the immigration process, making sure all of the children detained alone at the US border with Mexico

McDonald’s investor meeting: 4 potential talking points

McDonald’s investor meeting: 4 potential talking points

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To What Extent Do The Advantages Of Membership Of A Monetary Union Such As The

Hong Kong as we speak stays probably the greatest offshore banking jurisdictions. I loved the structure and overview of the fundamentals of Monetary Markets. I enjoyed listening to the professor throughout lectures and his Q&A session with students. It made me feel as if I was at Yale. While we now have seen the same development creating globally, what has accompanied this development in parallel in every single place is the entire and utter collapse of respect for lengthy-established banking norms and laws—along with a type of wealth switch to the rich from the poor within the type of bailout packages and austerity measures. Thus, as it should be to no one’s surprise, throughout the time that inequality increased globally, the identical has been the case in Bangladesh.

Business Banking. Many excessive street banks present specialised providers for businesses. They function just like unusual accounts but usually have extra providers and extra charges. Interest rate minimize buys time but, by itself, can not adequately address a health care crisis, which is the current root reason for potential financial distress,” stated Sim Moh Siong, foreign money strategist of Financial institution of Singapore in a analysis note. All governments want more relief …