How to Find Topics for Articles

How to Find Topics for Articles

The people who write articles for their blogs or for article sites tend to think that the more time they have, the more articles they can write. Such is not necessarily true. When Mr. Suga started to write blog articles, he enjoyed it and wrote at least one article per day. In the first sixty days, he came up with many topics to write about. His experience traveling overseas was one of them. General business matters were the other ones, which led to ideas for many topics. He came up with many topics by thinking back over his forty years of life.

After the first sixty days of writing articles and posting them to his blog, Mr. Suga suddenly ran out of topics to write about. Thinking harder, spending more time thinking, and browsing the Internet for topics did not even help. He had not written an article for about ten days by then. Konseling Online He was annoyed, irritated, and frustrated, and still had no clue about his new topic. He thought he would not be able to find a topic anymore.

One day, his wife found out that a new fitness center had opened nearby. She asked Mr. Suga to join the new gym. Mr. Suga was more frustrated since he wanted to find a topic that day, and had planned to browse the Internet. He was about to reject his wife’s idea, but then he remembered that he had not exercised for about a month. Lowongan Kerja He agreed to her idea and they went together to the new fitness center that had opened just that month.

The new fitness center was clean and fresh. They joined in a group exercise. It was a new style of aerobics, combining dancing, aerobics, and shadow boxing practice. After an hour of group exercise, Mr. Suga took a swim, and his wife did machine exercises. They both had an excellent time.

Even their conversation while driving back home was better than usual. They talked, joked, and laughed. Back at home, he turned on his PC. Now he was full of new topics. They included “the effectiveness of exercise for health,” “review of a new gym in the area,” “review of a new style of exercise,” “how to refresh one’s relationships with spouse and family,” “suggestions for being active for life,” or “enjoying conversation with your family.”

It appears that the only way to pick topics for article writing is to stay active and participate in different and new activities. If someone stays inside his brain, continuing to think about his topics, he needs to think again. There are websites which give you ideas or suggestions for your writing topics. I will not deny that they are useful, but, in order to write a quality article, we need our own participation and action.