The Engine That Drives The Economy

Hong Kong right this moment remains among the finest offshore banking jurisdictions. As for regulation and the lack of, search for the Tulip mania, the South Seas bubble and the Mississippi company. We’re in this mess in large part as a result of the widespread (wo)man did not trouble to learn up on the subject they had been dealing in. Regulators do not take the place of due diligence, in reality usually times they encourage individuals to not look out for their very own pursuits; in any case the federal government is looking out for me. They don’t seem to be. Government regulators only care about pacifying folks and preserving them from thinking too laborious about how they’re getting screwed by the politicians.

AG: For the final two years we’ve been highlighting the NBFC non-financial institution finance firm sector issues. They have partly panned out, but the general belief is as soon as the massive occasion has happened, then slowly liquidity improves. However I’m not seeing that within the NBFC sector. What the market has performed is clearly put individuals into two buckets, good and dangerous, and the outlook for the second just isn’t really improving in terms of getting …