Team Building and Development in a Matrix Environment

Team Building

What is a team?

There are many types of teams. A functional team is a permanent team formed to perform operational activities for a specific part of the organization, such as finance, sales, marketing, etc. There is no set time limit for functional teams as they are needed to keep the business running. A project team is brought together for different periods of time to achieve a defined goal.

At the end of the project, the team was disbanded. Project teams are often a matrix, managed by members drawn from diverse functional teams to achieve project objectives. When the Project Manager has a high level of authority, this is known as a strong matrix; when the Functional Manager has stronger authority, this is known as a weak matrix.

In all organizational structures, there are many ‘teams within teams’. For example, if I were a Manager, I might have several teams in my overall team:

– Me and the whole team

– Me and every individual on my management team

– Me and all my management team

– Me and my colleagues in other departments

– Each individual management team and their direct subordinates

This is quite complicated if the structure …